Manufacturer of Anatomical Model, Prepared Slides, Acupuncture Model and Biology Model
China anatomy manufactures anatomical models, biology models, veterinary models, pharmaceutical models, acupuncture models and customized anatomy models.

Brief introduction

Manufacturer of anatomical model, prepared slides, acupuncture model, and biology model.

Established in 1980, Nanjing Stellar Anatomical Model Co.,Ltd. is a key manufacturer and exporter of medical teaching model under international standards, designated by China National Education Ministry.

We have strong technology and diversified products, contain 9 species, anatomical part, histology and embryology part,acupuncture part, pathological nurse, gynecology & obstetrics part ,medical jurisprudence part, histology part, stainless products, prepared slides parts,biology model,veterinary model,2-octanol, torso,skeleton and etc., total more than 300 kinds of products. They are made out strictly as per ratio of real, best replica watches adopting superior plastics material, that are dissectible, functional, innocuous and assuring them unbroken, stable, no leakage, no smell and they are easy to be deposit, freight & spread. All meet the educational requirements of institutes, universities and schools. Acting as the leading export base in China, our products have been sold to more than 40 countries, widely used for scientific education & clinical teaching etc purposes.

Furthermore our professional experts, the production equipment innovation and the establishment of whole set process center resulted in high efficiency and high quality to service customers better.

Our aim is to supply our customers with products that represent the best value for money along with friendly, reliable and honest service.

Customize model available subject to your photos and instructions. OEM is welcomed.



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